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Tomáš Viška Career Academy of Beauty Graduate, Owner of Underground Salon in Long Beach, CA

Tomáš Viška

Co-Owner - Underground Salon - Long Beach, CA

Tomáš Viška - Co-Owner - Underground Salon (Long Beach, CA)

I had a great experience at CAofB when I attended. The friends and teachers I met were an important part of my training. I even retained a client from school... Mrs. Snedeker's still comes to me to have her hair done every four weeks! CAofB has come a long way and I am very impressed with their school, teachers, industry functions, awards and mostly the great stylists they produce each year!

A successful habit I have developed from my schooling is to always being working on my craft, doing advanced coloring, cutting and keeping up with continuing education. Our craft changed frequently, and we as stylist need to always be advancing.


Genie Chung

E2Beauty Salon - Owner/Hair Artist

Eugenia Chung (aka Genie) - Owner / Head Artist at E2beauty Hair and Makeup

We specialize in bridal hairstyling and makeup services because we have a team of over 15 freelance stylists on our team. In addition to hairstyling and makeup, our salon currently offers haircuts, hair color and lash extensions.

Not being a typical salon, our space can accommodate small events, workshops, girl's birthday parties and mini photo sessions.

We are cater to freelance artists and those who are in transition in their beauty careers by offering short term chair rentals in a collaborative environment.

I never thought I could do hair or other beauty related things as my career. After high school, I went on the traditional path and attended the University of California, Irvine as a music major and later graduated as an art major. I always loved doing my friends hair and makeup for events or dances, so naturally one of my friends asked me to do her wedding in 2007. I accidentally started my bridal beauty business in 2007 when she created a Yelp page for me. I did that as a side job for several years, until I decided that the beauty industry was where I could continue to grow and see my future in. With a passion to serve people and make them feel beautiful, this job was always changing and fulfilling and I could see my future here.

That is when I decided to do some research and came across Career Academy of Beauty. By the time I had started CaofB, I had already officially started E2beauty Hair and Makeup Team. I loved that CaofB was supportive of the career I had already built, so they were flexible with me working and going to school. I also loved that this school had various resources as they were a connection school to vidal sassoon, dermalogica, MUD, and they used quality products. Another thing I appreciated was that there were photo shoots to get creative and showcase the work that was done. I knew that CaofB was offering me a greater experience and education than I needed to just pass the state board examination. More importantly, the relationships that I built and the colleagues I met have been so valuable! Within my team or artists, we have 4 (previously 5) alumni from CAofB!

During the last few months of CaofB, I took advantage of the externship program and studied under a hairstylist and learned as much as I could! With that experience, I decided to make a bold move with my past business partner and go straight into opening a salon suite after getting my cosmetology license. I don't think this is recommended for everyone, but since we already had a bridal clientele, this was how we started and it pushed us to grow quickly! We stayed in that suite from 2014-2017 and moved into our current space in the beginning of 2018.

Jenna Alexander

Owner of Beachin’ Hair & Lashes - Sola Salon Studios, Cypress, CA

I LOVED my time at CAofB. I didn’t want to leave! I learned everything I know from my teachers who also became my favorite people. School was never for me, I never enjoyed going to school, but when I started cosmetology at CAofB I fell in love with it! I graduated in June of 2018 and have quickly grew my clientele where my most requested service is balayage / blondes & lash extensions. My plans for the future are to open up a full service beauty bar that will offer; all hair services, eyelash extensions, spray tanning, facials & sugaring, with the other half being a boutique.
Gabby Ramos Cosmetology Graduate of Career Academy of Beauty Blogger and Owner of The Craft Beauty Bar in Brea California

Gabby Ramos

Owner of The Craft Beauty Bar, Brea, CA