At CAofB we know that basic State Board skin training is not enough. In fact, CAofB was the first innovator of specialized skin care training in Orange County.

We recognize the need for professionals to be trained in specialty salons, peels, masks, micro-dermabrasion, spa treatments and waxing. Training is also provided to ensure our students have a thorough knowledge of skin analysis, face mapping and prescriptive retailing that is critical for success.

CAofB believes in order to have great skin care techniques, 75% of your training needs to be hands-on practice in our specially designed esthetic department.

Our graduates work in salons, spas, medical offices and with plastic surgeons. Some have specialized in make-up artistry and waxing. Whatever goal you have, at CAofB we are committed to providing you with the skills, knowledge and confidence that it takes to succeed.


Esthetics Schedule:
4 1/2 Months | 40 Hours a week
Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat | 8:30am–5pm

(Saturdays mandatory on some Financial Aid programs)

5 1/2 Months | 30 Hours a week
Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat | 8:30am–2:30pm

(Saturdays mandatory on some Financial Aid programs)


8 1/2 Months | 20 Hours a week
Tue-Fri | 5pm–10pm

(Sat optional)

6 1/2 Months | 28 hours a week
Tue-Fri 5pm – 10pm
Sat | 8:30am–5pm

Class Materials
Milady Esthetician Textbook ISBN: 978-1-4283-1892-2
Workbook ISBN: 978-4283-1894-6

Nuts & Bolts Business Program – Workbooks and DVDs

Cosmetology School
CAofB is an official Nuts & Bolts member school which is an elite group of schools, striving to deliver the most complete educational experience possible for you to think and act like a business person.

We have incorporated professional business and personal development training into our courses to make you more desirable as an employee.

Nuts and Bolts ensures our students will:

  • Have more self confidence.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Make more money, faster.
  • Get on a faster tract to management and salon ownership.

If you would like to know more about Nuts & Bolts contact us here.

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