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CosmoBarber Crossover

Looking to be a double threat and offering both barbering and cosmetology services to your clientele, or are you a new student that is looking to have both a cosmetology license or barbering license? These barber courses were designed for you. You can learn from seasoned instructors in a professional setting with a school that has over 50 years of success in education.

We are excited to be launching our CosmoBarber crossover program. If you are interested in getting more than one license, learn how Career Academy of Beauty can help you get there.

What Is Our CosmoBarber Crossover Program?

If you’re already a licensed cosmetologist or you’re thinking about going to cosmetology school, you may be able to prepare yourself for a future in both cosmetology and barbering.

First, you have to understand how many hours each program takes:

  • Cosmetology: 1600 hours
  • Barber: 1500 hours
  • CosmoBarber: 1800 hours

By choosing to do only 200 hours more than the original course, you can save your time and money if you combine your education and enroll in our CosmoBarber course. This can increase the number of opportunities you can pursue in the future.

Cosmetology + Barbering = All-in-One Program

Increase your marketability and value to customers being able to work in either a salon or barber shop by offering the best of both licenses with one comprehensive CosmoBarber program.

What’s Included in Our CosmoBarber Program?

This course requires 1600-hours of cosmetology training with 200 additional hours of barbering crossover training. It uses the same notable curriculum from sources including:

  • Business Training Skills – Nuts & Bolts Certification
  • Sassoon ABC Cutting / Coloring Certification
  • Skincare/Nails
  • Advanced Salon Services

Who Is Our CosmoBarber Program For?

200-Hour Barber Crossover Course (for Cosmetologists)

Specifically designed for cosmetologists wishing to get their barbering license. This course requires 200-hours of California-approved curriculum in shaving and preparation to sit for the state board. This is a non-accredited course, thus there is no federal Title IV financial aid offered. This crossover course is ideal for cosmetologists looking to get the essentials needed to obtain a barbering license.

400-Hour Barber Crossover Course (for Cosmetologists)

The state of California requires a minimum of 200-hours of training to become a Barber, but the state does not require you to learn men’s cutting. Most cosmetologists who want to become barbers do so because they want to learn men’s cutting and grooming.

This is a comprehensive course providing you with the best of both worlds. It allows you to get the necessary 200-hours of state required curriculum and receive the hands-on training to have the skillset to be a professional barber.

300-Hour Barber to Cosmetology Crossover Course

Barbers must meet the minimum requirements of 300 hours of California approved cosmetology curriculum in esthetics and manicuring. This makes it possible to go from barbering to cosmetology and become a more well-rounded education.

Learn How To Enroll

You could be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship when you enroll in our Cosmetology or Cosmo Barber crossover program. To learn more, call (657) 425-0182, email, or fill out this form, and one of our friendly admissions team members will be in touch!


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