If you are reading this, you probably communicate visually. You are in great company; fascinating  storytellers, care about fashion, and truly do their best work when its aligned with their passion.  If you are nodding your head… You are a creative, right-brainer, an artist!

Painters have a canvas, cosmetologists have hair as a medium. Your passion is fueled by transforming your clients look with your technical skills and creative inspiration. For under $125 you can make a total transformation and make a client feel confident and attractive (a lot cheaper than plastic surgery and a lot quicker years of working out with a trainer).

Cosmetologist #hairismymedium

At Career Academy of Beauty we encourage our students artistic abilities by fostering their talents and back them with business strategies.  You’ll learn exciting techniques that are in demand, (Japanese straightening, balayage/ombre, Brazilian Blowout, etc.) and build life-long business skills you can always depend on to run your business, manage your brand and better serve your clients.  CAofB has become known for producing some of Orange County and Long Beach’s most artistic students… but what is more interesting is how many spa and salon professionals surprisingly call us to informing us on how successful our graduates are straight out of beauty school.

“Your students have seasoned customer service skills, they know how to sell and wire clients already.”

Our goal is to provide the best well-rounded cosmetology program that accelerates artistic ability, while building a business foundation for each student.

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If you’re interested in learning how to turn your creative passion into a career in beauty book a tour with a career consultant today!

Makeup Artist #skinismymedium

Makeup Artistry doesn’t have “artistry” in the title for nothing! You probably are obsessed with lipstick, foundation, mascara and watching hours of YouTube tutorials.  Our professional MUD Makeup course is not for the hobbyist. It’s for those fueled by creative passion and want to be a MUA more than anything in the world.  We are the only MUD Makeup Partner School in Orange County for a reason. We love the superior product, our staff are real-life professionals who have worked in Hollywood, advertising editorials, and have made celebrities look flawless.  The makeup artistry program is truly combining your artistic abilities and hands-on training.

You’ll learn professional makeup services that are always in demand (bridal, studio makeup, evening looks, airbrushing, high fashion, special effects makeup). Our students are armed with tons of hirable skills and are in demand immediately.

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